MORE Paperwork

Jauary 28, 2016

Today we took a trip to the Secretary of State in Des Moines. Collecting all types of official documents, certified copies, apostiles and translations to help our children to obtain Dual Citizen Passports and to get myself an extended stay Visa that will allow me to stay long enough to apply for/obtain my own residency after we arrive in Ecuador.
This was recommended by the Ecuadorian Consulate, saying that it would be very difficult for me to achieve such a feat within the 60 day time period that “visitors”are allowed to stay. And also, that it would be easier to sort through the complications of Dual Citizenship from home turf… where documents that we need are more easily available to us when collecting them in person.

Hopefully all of these efforts and expenses will make the transitions into our new home & life relatively hassle free.

Thankfully my husband has taken care of all these major details.. while I try to entertain and contain 2 toddlers in government buildings!

In 2 weeks, we will return to Chicago to the Ecuadorian Embassy to present all of this paperwork for approval.

Below: Photos of the kids “playing” in one of the State Capitol building.

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