Count Down…

February 6, 2016

Count down: 2 weeks, 5 days….
We just finished up with the public garage sale. Everything was priced at $1 or less, and most of it we just gave away! Now to donate the rest and finally get a dumpster.. time to get serious about deep cleaning the house and finalizing the packing.
The house is empty…except for 2 mattresses on the floor. It echoes and it’s cold and it feels way too big now. We haven’t used the 3rd bedroom in nearly 2 weeks. At night when the family seperates, two to a bed… it feels strange to be apart. The less stuff we have, the less space we use… the closer we are in our hearts. All we need is eachother and that is such a wonderful feeling. We are starting to ponder space in our future place… maybe a 2 bedroom would be better for us?! Hey… maybe even just a 1 bedroom sounds pleasing! Funny how things have changed. Not too long ago, I firmly believed that we NEEDED no less than a 4 bedroom house. Yes, needed. How foolish that was.
Although we have not arrived in South America yet… big transformations are taking place here!

In addition to the revelation about space, I’ve also noticed that the kids rarely play with the toys that remain. Instead, we are usually racing circles around this empty house or playing hide-and-seek behind the curtains and in the empty closets and cabinets. We spend so much more time reading books and playing games. We have so much more time in general…I am not “busy” cleaning house, picking up toys, washing dishes, doing laundry. Why? Because there is very little of any of that. We are living minimally now and it is immensely rewarding. 🙂

Just in the past 2 weeks…Peanut (3) has started pre-writing and simple division. On her own interest.
And Monkey (20 months) has really started talking and is now learning about the different names of dinosaurs and the different types of tractors/trucks/construction vehicles. We have started implenting the practices of Unschooling. I will post more about that later. But, it is essentially an alternative way of educating without any structured curriculum guidelines. It is interest based learning that follows no age level, grade level, or expected knowledge spectrums. Children learn what they choose to learn, when they choose to learn it, as deeply as they want to learn it.
So far…it seems to be working!

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